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We are the Global Standard 「その技術、世界標準」

We are, and always will be, an innovative company that values Customer Loyalty, Creativity, and delivering Quality Results.

Message from CEO

Just after WWII, our founderestablished a wholesale sewing machine company in Gifu City, Japan. Fifty years ago the second president of the company started producing apparel machines with our own brand name. This was a big turning point for our company and moved us from a local business to the national market.

My mission as the third president of Hashima is to keep the company’s strong traditions of quality while continuing to innovate and create new machines as the company expands internationally.

Our original wholesale sewing machine business is still continuing to grow and we now offer products from over 100 companies. We are actually the only wholesale sewing machine company in the entire Gifu prefecture. In addition, we continue to produce and sell our own quilting machines, which began fifty years ago. Hashima remains as the only quilting machine maker in Japan.

In the last fifty years we have created over 200 different types of machines to meet the needs of our customers. We have a wide range of products covering the whole spectrum of the garment and apparel industry. Our manufacturing base has expanded from Japan, to China, and to Vietnam in 2014. Hashima Singapore remains as our headquarters for our sales division and we have established new maintenance centers in India and Bangladesh to facilitate maintenance and sales support.

Our goal is to create an exemplary system where innovation, creation, sales, and support are well integrated to meet all of our customers’ needs. We always strive to set the world standard for our industry so that customers confidently choose the Hashima and KM brands. We really appreciate your continuous support of the Hashima Group.

Building a reliable relationship with our customers focusing on dedication and dependability.

We treasure the trust of our customers.

It has been over 20 years since our first needle detector machine was released. Since then, we have produced more than 100,000 and own the largest market share in the entire global industry. This clearly indicates the reliability of our products and the trust our customers have in the Hashima brand. We have a strong aftermarket service network all over the world to provide support and quality ser-vice to maintain customer satisfaction and to build long, lasting relationships. We hold needle detector seminars and have set up the Hashima authorized licensed technician service to maintain a team of certified and expert technicians.

Continue to add brand new values to society by creative new innovation

The Creativity to occur the needs

We hold more than 70 patents, which demonstrates our determination to innovate and invent new products. One example is the sublimation heat-transfer press series. Initially, it was developed as a product for the apparel industry but due to demand we made adaptions to the product and by the late 1990’s it was widely adopted in the graphic sign industries. Today, our sublimation heat-transfer technology is regarded in the industry as the most advanced technology for creating specialty sportswear.

We always practice strong perseverance and never quit no matter the challenge.

Value is only created with the delivery of quality results.

Since the 1970’s, Hashima has expanded to over 110 countries and we have become the global standard for the finest apparel machines. We are proud of our international sales and service network. We have faced challenges along the way but our company has always worked together to achieve success. We still encounter new challenges as we expand into different markets and countries. However, our ability to unite and work toward focused goals will propel Hashima Group towards continued growth.


The Foundation

May 1956
April 1969
The company was renamed HASHIMA CO., LTD
January 1993
HASHIMA EXPRESS was established
October 1994
Opening of the Beijing and Shanghai Service Centers.

In May of 1956 in Gifu, Japan HASHIMA SEWING MACHINE CO., LTD. was founded as a wholesale company for sewing machines and spare parts. As our company grew, we began selling a wide array of apparel-related products. We also started to invent our own product lines of quilting machines, heat transfer machines, and needle detecting machines. In 1969, we renamed the company HASHIMA CO., LTD (株式会社羽島), and began expansion into the international market through global exhibitions and trade shows.

Ex-head office in Gifu

Hashima network grown to world wide

April 1995
The Japanese name was renamed HASHIMA CO., LTD (株式会社ハシマ)
January 1996
HASHIMA LOGISTICS was established
April 1996
HASHIMA SINGAPORE PTE, LTD. was established.
July 1996
Opening of the IBI FACTORY
December 2001
April 2003
HASHIMA AMERICAS LLC. was established
June 2007
Opening of the INDIA LIAISON OFFICE (Bangalore).
July 2008
KM IMPRESS CO., LTD. was established.
May 2012
November 2013
HASHIMA VIETNAM CO., LTD. was established.
July 2014
December 2014
Opening of Vietnam Factory
February 2016
HASHIMA HANOI was established
May 2016
Km impress Co., Ltd. renamed to Km Co., Ltd.

During our 40th anniversary in 1995, the company was renamed HASHIMA CO., LTD (株式会社ハシマ) with a stronger focus on global expansion. Given the rapid growth in our international sales, we established HASHIMA SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. in 1996. In order to respond to the increasing demand, we opened the Ibi Factory in Gifu, Japan (1996) and the Kunshan factory in China (2001). To strengthen our maintenance and global sales support network, we established new maintenance centers in India (2007) and Bangladesh (2012). In 2008, we established KM IMPRESS CO., LTD. and carried the legacy of KM CO., LTD., which was founded over 100 years ago and was one of the largest cutting machine companies in the world. This addition allowed us to expand our production lineup and provide a total solution for apparel factories.

Ibi Factory

To the future

Given the increased demand for our products, we decided to build our new factory in Hanoi, Vietnam in 2013. The Hanoi factory will primarily produce press machines in order to respond to the special regional demands in Southeast Asia. The Ibi factory focuses on the innovation and development of new products and the production of inspection machines. The Kunshan factory is responsible for ma-chining as well as the production of specialty products. The factories adapt and adjust production of different products based on the unique demand of each region. We will continue to respond to cus-tomer needs by producing a wide variety of products even outside of the apparel industry.

Vietnam factory

Company overview

Company name HASHIMA CO., LTD.
C.E.O. Masayuki Otsuka
Address (Head Office)7-6 Ryouge Gifu-shi, Gifu, JapanPostal: 500-8241
TEL +81-58-245-4501
FAX +81-58-247-6666 +81-58-247-3366
e-mail info@hashima.co.jp
URL http://www.hashima.co.jp/
Company policy Customer Loyalty, Creativity, Delivering Quality Results
Bases Gifu, Tokyo, Osaka, China, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, USA