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  1. HASHIMA inspection machine, the world no.1 share, and X-ray machine can archive reliable quality control.Details
  2. HASHIMA Press Machines have techinques and inovated crations that is raised by long history.Details
  3. The KM cutting technology is made in Japan all ways. Beautiful cutting for bueatiful products.Details

Hashima inspection machines

We have the results that shipped 100,000 needle detectors to the whole world.

We consider that this result is not from reputation of the machine quality but also from reputation of our follow-up services.

“Let’s buy another Hashima.” from our customer has been great encouragement to us.

We promise to continue producing reliable and safe machines in the future.

Machine Information

Hashima “Auto Pre Checker” enables the easiest and highly precise checkup before operation.

HN-870C series machine is equipped with “Auto Pre Checker” system which makes checkup easier and more precise.

It’s easy to use. Just set the PreCheck Bar on the conveyor belt and press the button.
Sensor head will be checked automatically.

Techinical Information

Machine Information

Hashima X-Ray Inspection machine

X-Ray makes invisible thing caught

We have developed X-Ray machines which meets customer’s needs -size, X-Ray generation power, color etc.

X-Ray enables you to see invisible thing which was apt to be overlooked before.

Machine Information

We specialize product inspection and customize machines.

We are ready to customize the machine on your special condition, size etc.