• Our Product (KM)
  1. HASHIMA inspection machine, the world no.1 share, and X-ray machine can archive reliable quality control.Details
  2. HASHIMA Press Machines have techinques and inovated crations that is raised by long history.Details
  3. The KM cutting technology is made in Japan all ways. Beautiful cutting for bueatiful products.Details

KM Brand Cutting Machine

Cutting.This brand has been working on “cutting” for 100 years.

In 2008, Hashima succeeded KM cloth cutting machine brand which was founded in Kamakura in 1912.

Now Hashima’s technique in sewing industry and KM’s cutting technique of 100years are combined and aim at the new stage.

Machine Information

Made in Japan,Up until now and from now on.

Most KM cloth cutting machines are still “Made in Japan.”

KM craftsmen moved to Gifu and now machines are made in Gifu by them.

Well-cutting machine with craftsmanship.

Machine Information

Kamakura Factory in 1960

Not only standard straight knife cutting machines.

Not only standard straight knife cutting machines.

We have straight knife cutting machines with different size, speed, power.

Also, we produce band knife, round knife cutting machines, end cutter, cloth spreading machines etc.

Please feel free to contact us. We can customize machines.

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Accurate cloth spreading minimizes waste.

Accurate cloth spreading minimizes waste in the factory.

Cost down and beautiful finishing start with accurate cloth spreading.

Please see new cloth spreading machines with Hashima’s technique.

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