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  1. HASHIMA inspection machine, the world no.1 share, and X-ray machine can archive reliable quality control.Details
  2. HASHIMA Press Machines have techinques and inovated crations that is raised by long history.Details
  3. The KM cutting technology is made in Japan all ways. Beautiful cutting for bueatiful products.Details

Fusing and Transfer Press Mahcines

History of 50 years of press machine production

Hashima released first roller press machine in 1965.

After that, Hashima has developed many types of press machines for different materials, car seats etc.

Now Hashima has a wide range of press machines – more than 25 kinds- and they’re used in the whole world.

Machine Information

“Do you need special conditions?”
“Please contact us.”

Hashima can produce special order machines.

For special material, sometimes you need special conditions.

"For example, for airplane seat, press machine with high pressure and special technique will be needed. Please feel free to contact us."


Purpose of Press

Hashima produces many types of fusing press machine. Also, Hashima produces heat transfer press machines.

Skills which have been cultivated throughout history are used for heat transfer press machines, high quality vacuum adhesion press machines.

Machine Information

OEM product

Hashima can supply our press machines under your brand name as OEM product.

Machine Information