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Band Knife Cutting Machine KBK-900S, KBK-900M, KBK-900L

KM Band Knife Cutting Machines is suitable for Exact Cutting of small parts with Air Table.


■ Variable Speed Control (Inverter System)
    Knife speed is shown on the Digital Indicator and easily controlled by Inverter system
    according to type of material. Inverter Speed Control System provides Smooth Cutting.
■ Air Floating Table
    Air Mat is formed on the table to move Cutting Material lightly, smoothly and 
    provides easy cutting without collapsing the pile of Fabrics.
■Knife Cooling Silicon Pack
   Silicon Pack is easily removed and installed. It eliminates the Fusion of Chemical yarn
   and Interlinig Cloth yarn.
■ Easy Knife Exchange
    A Black Grip Knob at the right of the knife cover provides Easy Knife installation and
    Knife is loosened by turning the knob Clockwise and tightened by turning
■ Automatic Sharpening System
    Originally designed Automatic Sharpening Device is equipped.
    Various grits of sharpening stone are available to the materials.

■ Carrying Caster
    Carrying Caster is equipped for easy removal to meet the requirement of relocation.

Model KBK-900S     (Table size 1200 x 1800mm)
KBK-900M     (Table size 1500 x 1800mm)
KBK-900L     (Table size 1500 x 2100mm)
Cutting Capacity 180mm
Table Height 720mm-850mm
Arm Length 900mm
Knife Speed Stepless adjustment 
Weight 218kg(900M)
Knife Size 0.45x10x3860mm
Voltage 1P 220V