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HOME„Products Information„Press Machine „FULLY AUTOMATIC FLAT FUSING PRESS„HP-124AP
POWER SUPPLY  Three phase or Single phase
MAX.PRESSURE  210g/cm2
DIMENSION OF PLATE  1,200~400mm
DIMENSIONS  950(D)~1,226(W)~1,340(H)mm
WEIGHT  (approx.) 210kg
FEATURES  Motor driven fully-automatic flat type press.
Compact and requires no extra equipment such as an air compressor, and can be installed very easily.
Uses a special heater and the aluminium heater plates give excellent thermal efficiency and uniform temperature distribution.
Electronic thermostat and SSR (Solid State Relay) minimizes temperature difference range, and uses electrical contactpointless component to improve the durability of the machine.
Pressure and temperature can be controlled easily by the dial on the control panel.
Uses a 200w driving motor to assure quiet running.
Anti-static type Teflon sheet is used for the upper plate, making it easy to clean.
Although the suction system is automatic, pedal-operation is also possible (when using a tray, pedal-operation can not be used). Electrical contact-pointless components are used to improve the durability of the machine.
The powerful 200w blow motor provides extravacuum sucking power, and the sirocco fan is equipped to reduce noise.
Sizes and spacings of the suction holes in the center part and around both ends on the lower plate have seen properly adjusted, to provide uniform sucking power over the entire surface.
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