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FEATURES With conventional presser foot mechanism by spring system, We can not avoid big difference of vibration between sewing machine running speed and presser foot due to fixed vibration at presser foot.
This HYDRO_ADJUSTER device can absorb presser foot vibration with sewing machine running speed between 1.000 r.p.m and 3000 r.p.m and can get it possible to make smoother and efficient sewing.
Using conventional spring controlled presser foot system, we have many difficulties in sewing process of thin and very thick fabrics because the repulsion from these fabrics has big differences.
By using our HYDRO_ADJUSTER you can get following good performances.
You can get efficiency in sewing with normal speed for joint ?parts (very thick portion)

Even at speed from 1.000r.p.m to 3000r.p.m. you can avoid skipping stiches & loose stich formation due to synchronization of sewing machine running speed and HYDRO_ADJUSTER presser foot device.
You can improve sewing finish quality even in multi-layer fabrics of different materials such as quilting fabrics.
Even in soft fabrics such as velvet , cashmere & knitfabrics, by using this HYDRO-ADJUSTER you can get beautiful finish sewings.
You can easily adjust pressure of this HYDRO-ADJUSTER by changing dial of this device according to the thickness of fabrics.
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