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conveyor type needle detectour conveyor type needle detectour
1.Characteristic of needle detector
2.For improvement of detecting accuracy
3.Test by test piece
4.Trouble sheeting
interlining fusing interlining fusing
1.Purpose and use for interlining
2.Classification of interlining. A kind of an adhesive and use
3.Trouble shooting of interlining
Technical information (conveyor type needle detector)
3.Test by test piece
HN-600C should be set sensitivity level at 9 over. The machine can detect. 1.2mm iron ball test piece at all detecting area under this condition. Even sensitivity level decrease under level 9, the machine can detect 1.2mm test piece on the belt surface. But the point that is most weak sensitivity is around 60mm height.

HN-610C/HN-620C has 2 kind of operation mode (NORMAL MODE and NC mode). Please select NORMAL MODE under normal operation. Under NC MODE, the needle detector can not detect test piece even the sensitivity level is set at max. Under NORMAL MODE, the needle detector can detect test piece 1.2mm sensitivity level more than 5(yellow zone) and can detect pices 1.0mm sensitivity level more than 8.
HN-600C, early model of HN-610C
Current model HN-610C.
The thickness of test piece is 20mm now.
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