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conveyor type needle detectour conveyor type needle detectour
1.Characteristic of needle detector
2.For improvement of detecting accuracy
3.Test by test piece
4.Trouble sheeting
interlining fusing interlining fusing
1.Purpose and use for interlining
2.Classification of interlining. A kind of an adhesive and use
3.Trouble shooting of interlining
Technical information (interlining fusing)
These aims can be separated into three separate groups.
i1jTO MAKE Sewing Easier and To Increase Production

Because of the speed of industrial sewing machines,the material must be in perfect shape before sewing so that the machine operator does not have to try to reshape the piece before or during the sewing tiem.If. before sewing,interlining is fused onto the material,it keeps it shape,therefore saving time and labour.

previously the process of tailoring had to be done by hand and was only a job for skilled people ,Now days with the fusing process. Anybody can create the same erect as a skilled tailor,with onlyone layer of interlining,and no prtvious skills.
i2jRrtaining Shape and Improving Materials Appearance
The use of interlining helps the garment material 's appearance while at the same time. retaining the garments shape.
With the development of interlinings and better Fusing press machines,the permanent fusing process was Deneloped.
With this process,garments keep their shape no matter how often they are worn or washed
i3jMaking a Functional,Lasting ,Easy to Wear Product
Using the Permanent press technique, everyone from the producers and designers to the consumers is satisfied.the Thepeople in production find the garments easier to sew,the clothing designers can achieve shape and long term performance can achieve shape and long term performance,while theconsumers get a good quality product that is easy to care for, looks good and is easy to wear.
The basic aim of pressing is to make the garment look better for longer periods of time. While still being comfortable.
Interlining reduces the occurrence of stretching, creasing and wear.
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