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conveyor type needle detectour conveyor type needle detectour
1.Characteristic of needle detector
2.For improvement of detecting accuracy
3.Test by test piece
4.Trouble sheeting
interlining fusing interlining fusing
1.Purpose and use for interlining
2.Classification of interlining. A kind of an adhesive and use
3.Trouble shooting of interlining
Technical information (interlining fusing)
3DTrouble shooting of interlining
The above drawing is basic circuit of heater for fusing press. There are various type of machine that has 4 sets, 6 sets or 6sets of heater.
Thermostat is checking temperature of heater through thermo sensor during heating up. Before reach to setting temperature, DC5V-20V . is on terminal No. (5)and (6) to terminal No.(3) and (4). Under this condition, thermo lamp on the thermostat and SSR lamp are on. When the electric current is on terminal No.(3) and (4), the electric current is on between terminal No.(1) and (2).
In other word, the voltage is 0V between terminal (1) and (2). Because the electric currency is on from terminal No. (1) to (2).
Heater has temperature sensor. When temperature is too high, the voltage of terminal No.(5) and (6) will be 0V and terminal No.(3) and (4) will be 0V. Under this condition, the some voltage between terminal No.(1) and (2) will is be on. It depends on the each machine specification. It is 220v or 380v.
in this case, thermo lamp on thermostat and SSR lamp are off.
Thermostat unit dose not work
First please check main power.
Input voltage to a thermostat is 100V or 200V. check this input voltage and out put Voltage (DC5-20V) by tester.
If the thermostat dose not receive input voltage 100V or 200V, it will not work correctly.
Actual temperature dose not reach setting temperature.
We need to check a signal from thermostat to SSR (solid state replay).
After checking input voltage to thermostat, check out put voltage DC5V-20V from Thermostat.
Checking SSR movement.
Set temperature at 130D
Measure the voltage between terminal no 1 and 2.
In case of 0 V, electricity should reach to heater. If temperature dose not increase,
The heater has defect. If the machine has plural of heater, some of them might has Defect. Please check heater piece by piece.
Atual temperature is over setting temperature
Thermo sensor is defect
SSR is defect
Heater with thermo sensor is defect.
Matching actual temperature and setting temperature.
Check actual temperature by thermo paper.
(For example), when setting temperature is 130, the thermo paper shows 140. This means actual temperature is higher 10 than setting temperature.
In case of analog thermostat,
Set temperature at 140 and adjust temperature correct dial that thermo lamp Turn on and off at 140. After this adjustment, actual temperature mach setting Temperature
In case of digital thermostat
It depends on a model. We use different thermostat unit.
Please contact us.(hashima)
Causes and countermeasures in regard to troubles
phenomena causes countermeasures
Incorrect fusing (1) Fusing conditions are too low or too high.
(2) In the case where the interlining of the fusible interlining with lesser resin orthe interlining with lesser resin are put to use
(1) Adjust temperature. pressure and fusing speed.
(2) Select the interliningwhose volume and from are suitable to the surface material.
contraction (1) Fusing temperature is high. (1) lower the temperature and get the fusing speed Slower.
Stain comes out (1) In the case where the interlining with abundant resin of the fusible interlining or the interlining with abundant resin are put to use in relation to thin materials
(2) fusing conditions And finished conditions are too hard
(1) select the interlining whose volume and from are suitable to the surface material
(2) lower the temperature and get the fusing speed slower
Looses luster color changes (1) fusing conditions And finished Conditions are too hard (1) lower the temperature and get the fusing speed slower
Touches the fusible interlining (1) Difference of heat contraction ration between the surface material and fusible interlining iIn the case where contraction of the surface material is large ,or contraction of the interlining is largej (1) lower the temperature and get the fusing speed Slower Use the interlining easy to make friends with the surfce material
Roller more generates (1) to be generated by The contraction on the part both fo the surface material and the fusible interlining (1) lower the fusing time and pressure, And, then, get The fusing speed Slower.adjust the moire prevention roller.
Generates interlining moire (1) the surface material and weaving system of The Interlining interfare each orhers (1) change the cutting angle in regard to the interlining. Select the fusible interling suitable to the surface material
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